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Source: TV
Layers: 1
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Added 1/14/2008
Updated 1/24/2020
Umm...what? Yeah, those were my first thoughts when I saw that this was included in my deputy's package.
Here is the story behind this particular cel:

1.) Buy cel on Yahoo!Japan in September 2007.
2.) Cel arrives at deputy *yay*
3.) Deputy informs me that the cel is damaged, and negotiates a refund from the seller. I'm sad, but what can I do?
4.) Refund has been given, so I give up on ever finding another copy of this rare repro.
5.) Yaone shows up in my deputy's shipment January 2008, with no visible damage.

So now we're back to my initial "um...what?"

To continue in this vein, the story gets even weirder. Rinkya then e-mails me saying that the original seller was able to find a replacement cel, so the refund that I had been given has been revoked.

At this point I'll just take the cel and be happy if everything is billed properly on my credit card. *shakes head*

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