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Damaged Goods
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Added 4/5/2008
More than just the bouquet of flowers was damaged in this flashback from episode 36. Poor Gojyo, he just couldn't do anything right...

I think by this time, most people have figured out that I love all the tragic childhoods represented in Saiyuki. This is not a reflection of my own upbringing, but I do find the stories both fascinating and heart-wrenching.

*spoiler below*

Gojyo is the illegitimate child created by his demon father and human mother. He lived with his older half-brother and his father's legitimate wife, until his she tried to kill him. His half-brother chose to kill his own mother, rather than let her murder Gojyo.

Gojyo represents one of the archetypes of children from abusive homes: they dote on their abusers in the slim hope of becoming loved and accepted some day.
In this scene, Gojyo offers his "mother" red flowers, which she summarily rejects because they remind her of him; his red hair is an outward expression of his genetically mixed heritage.

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