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Kunihiko Ikuhara - 2000
Source: TV
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Added 2/25/2009
This poster was given to me for my 17th birthday by one of my greatest friends in high school. She obtained Kunihiko Ikuhara's autograph at CNAnime in August, 2000. As the director of the Utena TV series, he attended the convention with Chiho Saito (the manga-ka), but Erin was unable to obtain her autograph.

I love this poster very much, so I took it to Kinko's to be laminated. As you can tell from the photo, they did a terrible job. The piece of laminate was from the end of the roll and was very wrinkled. It left huge creases all over the poster. I nearly cried when they told me what had happened. Laminate cannot be removed, so my poster is doomed to lead a scarred existence. This is one reason why I've never uploaded it to my site until now.

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