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Source: TV
Layers: 3
Sketches: 2
Cel Number: A1, B1, C3
Oversize, 12.5W x 10H

Key Cel
End Cel
No Background

Added 11/9/2012
Updated 11/9/2012
A gorgeous cel of one of my favorite characters. I spent about twice as much on him as I have on any of my other IY cels. He's now in the top 5 most expensive cels in my gallery.

But worth every penny. *_*

Interestingly, the sequence numbers only appear on the douga, but the cut number appears on all three cel layers (but no sequence numbers). While the cels do not appear trimmed, it does make me curious...

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Curator: reithejelly
Gallery Created: 11/20/2003
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