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The following items in this section are ORIGINAL correction storyboards for the 1st OVA, Miyuki-chan in Wonderland.

Anything done on yellow paper is 100% original and was drawn by Hiroshi Fukutomi. Anything on white paper is a photocopy, with additional corrections made in white-out and pencil.
As you can see, many of the sheets are half-and-half. They took the portions that they liked from the 1st draft and merged them with the new corrections. Unfortunately, these were never meant as artwork, so they were taped together. On many sheets you'll notice discolored, or burned, areas where the tape was attached.

This is a complete set of 68 sheets. I apologize for the inconsistencies, but they are too large and too fragile for my scanner. I had to photograph every sheet! Due to their delicate nature, I am VERY SLOWLY scanning them.

I am exceedingly proud to have these storyboards as part of my collection. If you have any questions about these, feel free to contact me through the site's feedback form.

To see the 1st draft storyboards, please go and visit Jen and Steph over at Acetate Addiction

 0 - Title

 1 - Alarm goes off

 2 - Miyuki wakes up

 3 - making toast

 4a - I'm late!

 4b - toast for breakfast

 5 - White Rabbit appears

 6 - skating past

 7 - Down the Hole

 8 - Reawakening

 9 - Spotting the Door

 11 - What's this?

 12 - Door awakens

 13 - door greets Miyuki

 14 - laughter

 15 - the door's "knobs"

 16 - the way through

 17a - through the door
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