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While this wishlist is extensive, it isn't complete. And just because something says Will Give Kidney, please don't think that I'm willing to give up everything for it. Some pipedreams are just that: dreams - they were never meant to be reality. ^_^;

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Series/Description    Sample    Priority
Cardcaptor Sakura
CCS 1st OP - anything! Very High
I missed this Shaoran on Yahoo!Japan in late 2004. Very High
3rd OP High
Touya bunny! Medium
Cardcaptor Sakura: Cards
The Void - this exact image Will Give Kidney
*this* pan cel of The Power Very High
Production cel of The Arrow (CCS movie 1) Very High
The Fight Very High
The Hope Very High
The Light/The Dark (cels!) Very High
The Mirror - kissing Touya Very High
The Silent Very High
The Watery (2nd movie) Very High
The Cloud High
The Maze (backgrounds) High
The Mirror High
This shot of The Change High
The Big (cels) Medium
The Dash Medium
The Earthy Medium
The Little Low
Cardcaptor Sakura: Movies
Yue, after firing his arrow. This approaches "Will Give Kidney" level - for the right shot. Very High
CLAMP in Wonderland
ANYTHING Miyuki-chan related from this video! Will Give Kidney
More Miyuki-chan Will Give Kidney
Shirahime-sho Very High
Chun Hyaung High
Ending Low
the mahjong game Low
chibi Clow Card hanken High
Inu Yasha
Sesshoumaru meets Rin Will Give Kidney
A perfect cel of Kagura Very High
I've seen numerous cels from this sequence, but *this* is the one I want! Very High
Miyuki-chan in Wonderland
A1end Jaberwoki Will Give Kidney
Sumire. Will Give Kidney
Tea Party Will Give Kidney
Flower Fairies pan! Very High
Queen of Hearts pan cel Very High
A pan cel of the Door. I only know of two, and I doubt their owners will give them up. This face-shot is also an acceptable cel. High
Cardgirls, painting the roses High
Chess Pieces High
Through to Wonderland! High
Mononoke Hime
the forest mononoke - their heads remind me of egg-timers Medium
Rainbow Brite: Cels
Rainbow Brite - TV or movie, makes no difference to me High
Record of Lodoss Wars OVA
One good Pirotess cel Will Give Kidney
THIS cel! O_o Will Give Kidney
Deedlit, pink party dress Very High
Karla! Must show off her circlet and eyes well... Very High
One perfect Deedlit Very High
Sailor Moon
any Mars bank cels High
SM R OP (clocks) High
Seikai Series
Lafiel in gown Will Give Kidney
Pie in the sky... High

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